Montres DeWitt: Masters of the art of Guilloche


DeWitt Twenty -8- Eight Tourbillon with engine turned Guilloche dial

This year marked the 10th anniversary of Dewitt, a luxury Swiss watch brand that utilizes the use of traditional watch making tools including 18th and 19th century lathe machines used to create beautiful engine turned Guilloche (engraved patterned dials).


The link below gives a full explanation of the process which is painstakingly meticulous work performed by masters of Guilloche dedicated to a life of work using these ancient machines to create individual masterpieces completely unique with no single time-piece the same as another. There are only a handful of individuals in the world who can be called true master “Guillocheurs”.

An example of an exquisite dial produced by DeWitt seen below…This picture does not do the brand justice as you have to see these pieces in person to truly appreciate the time and  craftsmanship that go into them.


DeWitt is a very exclusive brand with an average price point of $30,000USD. Exclusivity comes at a price and the luxury of knowing that at any point in your life should you prefer to have a piece recreated by DeWitt it can be done upon request! Also should any parts be needed for the time-piece an inventory is readily available to the customer for many years to come.

In as little as a few years DeWitt  made waves in the luxury watch industry, establishing itself as a serious player in an elite circle of high-end haute horlogerie brands.

I have personally had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Jerome DeWitt, the founder and creative mind behind Montres DeWitt. He is a fascinating individual who believes in the preservation of traditional watch making, he is mechanically minded, an avid lover of automobiles and the art of mechanics. He is an uncompromising individual who excepts nothing less than perfection and this is truly seen and felt when you hold one of his time-pieces.


For more information on DeWitt time-pieces as well as authorized dealers check out


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