Frederique Constant Manufacture (Slim Line): Moon Phase Watch


This year thin is in. Slim dress watches seem to be all the rage this year, reminiscent of 1960’s era dress watches many brands have jumped on board releasing their own throwback pieces.

Frederique Constant has been around for a few years now and although a relatively young watch company (about 25 years old) it has managed to settle and find its place in the industry. Frederique Constant Manufacture has been designing and producing many of its own in-house calibres for over a decade and has quietly taken the industry by surprise producing pieces that normally cost several times more than competitors boasting similar complications. The company philosophy (from my understanding) is to create innovative, affordable, luxury time-pieces with a very high level of quality control and oversight.

Deep sapphire tone dial with matching alligator leather strap and white contrast stitching


Both pieces seen above are completely designed and manufactured in-house (with the exception of the jewels and balance springs which are currently supplied by Nivarox a company owned and operated by the Swatch Group). The automatic movement contained within has a 42 hour power reserve with a date and moon phase indicator represented in a small sub-dial directly above the 6 o’clock position.

Turn the watch over and it features a nicely decorated rotor, blued screws, custom machined rotor with the company name on the rotor, and decorated manufacture movement visible through a sapphire exhibition.

Sapphire exhibition case-back with nicely decorated movement

Sapphire exhibition case-back with nicely decorated movement

All of their pieces are hand assembled and cases polished by hand. Available in either stainless steel or gold-plated with an asking price starting at $3500 USD for the stainless steel version.

Look for one at your nearest authorized dealer or boutique near you…


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